Orange Molded Rocking Horse


Watch your toddler’s face light up with joy as they climb upon this sturdy Orange Molded Rocking Horse. Designed to enhance balance and coordination, this rocking horse provides secure seating with its high back and wide footrest. The easy-grip handlebars ensure a fun and safe ride every time. Give your little one a memorable playtime experience with this delightful rocking horse.


  • Improved Balance and Coordination: The Orange Molded Rocking Horse helps little ones develop their balance and coordination skills through rocking motion.
  • Secure and Comfortable Seating: With its high back and wide footrest, this rocking horse provides secure and comfortable seating for hours of playtime.
  • Fun and Safe Ride: The easy-grip handlebars offer a firm grip, ensuring a fun and safe ride for your child every time they hop on the rocking horse.
  • Joyful Playtime: The sturdy construction and vibrant orange color of the rocking horse bring joy and excitement to any playroom or nursery.