Mama Inchworm


Let your little one embark on an exciting adventure with Mama Inchworm! This soft and sturdy companion is perfect for climbing and exploring. Watch as the Inchworm glides caterpillar-like across the floor, captivating your child’s imagination and encouraging gross motor skills. Its hinged design allows for versatile play, from crawling adventures to wrapping around small bodies for added support. Made of wipe-clean vegan leather and lightweight, Mama Inchworm is a delightful companion for endless fun!


  • Exciting Playtime Companion: Mama Inchworm provides a safe and engaging play experience, encouraging crawling, climbing, and imaginative exploration for children.
  • Smooth Gliding Motion: Watch as the Inchworm slides across the floor, mimicking a caterpillar’s movement and adding a sense of wonder to playtime.
  • Versatile Design: Flip the Inchworm on its side and wrap it around small bodies for support during play or relaxation, fostering a sense of security and comfort.
  • Easy to Clean and Lightweight: Crafted from wipe-clean vegan leather, Mama Inchworm is simple to maintain. Plus, its lightweight construction ensures hassle-free transport and handling.